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Organic Plant Protein Powder exporters 1.What is pea isolate protein powder?
Pea isolate 80 protein powder is the basic protein of natural plants, which can provide a series of nutrients and amino acids for human body. No gluten, lactose, cholesterol and other anti nutritional factors. Pea protein isolate powder is a good substitute for milk basic protein, and also an ideal product for vegans who want to increase their protein intake. It can provide protein for people with special dietary restrictions. The pea protein isolate powder contains 23 grams of protein in each dose, which helps the growth and maintenance of the muscle group while its fat content is very low. Pea isolate protein powder is suitable for any people who want to increase their daily protein intake, especially those with lactose, milk and gluten intolerance. The product can be taken before/after exercise, or when necessary. Pea isolate protein powder is extracted from green and yellow peas. Pea protein is suitable for vegetarians as a protein source, and also suitable for people who are allergic to milk protein or lactose intolerance. Like other leguminous proteins, the methionine content of pea is low, while that of rice protein is high. Therefore, they are often mixed to balance amino acids. Traditional pea protein contains phytic acid, which may affect mineral absorption. The level of phytic acid is reduced by new processing technologies such as ultrafiltration and hydrolysis. After treatment, adverse effects are avoided.

2.Flow chart:
3.Pea isolate protein powder benefits:
Pea isolate 80 protein powder enhance immunity:
The protein content in pea flour is very rich. After users eat such nutrients, they can let the wastes in their bodies be discharged smoothly, which can enhance their immunity. If they have low immunity, they can try to use pea protein flour to help themselves and adjust their immunity.
Reduce the three heights:
The choline substances in pea protein powder are very rich. After use, users can improve the «three high» problem. Therefore, if there are abnormal conditions such as hypertension or hyperlipidemia, you can correctly use pea protein powder to help yourself, so that the «three high» abnormal conditions can be adjusted accordingly.
Improve insomnia and dreaminess:
Some people may have poor sleep quality due to stress or other reasons, and often have abnormal situations such as inability to sleep or too many dreams when sleeping. Once such abnormal situations occur, it will certainly affect their health, so you can also use pea protein powder correctly to help yourself in this case, so that your insomnia and dreaminess can be improved accordingly.

4.Product application:
Pea isolate 80 protein powder is a plant protein with high nutritional value. At present, the utilization of PPI is limited, mainly due to low water solubility and aggregation near the isoelectric point. The addition of HMP increased the viscosity of the aqueous phase and prevented protein aggregation. At the same time, many studies reported the effect of HMP on the stability of plant protein dispersion, and the preparation of alcohol soluble protein pectin complex. Some researchers pointed out that the addition of EGCG can improve the wettability of protein based complexes and further enhance the stability of PE, and polyphenols can participate in the regulation and manipulation of the interface layer to stabilize PE. In addition, the combination of protein, polysaccharide and EGCG can enhance the hydrophobicity of proteins through the interaction between EGCG and proteins. Some studies focused on the stabilization of PE using plant derived protein pectin/polyphenol complexes (such as zein pectin complex and zein EGCG complex), however, there was no report on using PPI-HMP-EGCG complex as a stabilizer of PE and HIPPE.

5.Our Offerings
We are always working to expand our family of products. We could also offer Pea isolate protein powder 90% in stock, please check with us in details.

6.Our advantage:
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