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Melt-Blown PP suppliers Product Introduction Melt blown non woven polypropylene product performance index: according to different melt finger ranges and customer requirements, this series includes z-800, z-1200, z-1500, z-1500l and z-1500g. (z-1500l is a product that improves the odor on the extrusion of common melt blown materials, and z-1500g is produced by adding special additives according to customer requirements) Itemmelt blown non woven polypropylene performance index Z-800Z-1200Z-1500Test method Melt flow index800卤1001200卤1001500卤100SJ/02-01-2012 Ash,PPM, 鈮?/p>200200200SJ/02-02-2012 Water,锛?鈮?/p> At present, the proportion of melt blown non woven polypropylene materials in various application fields is as follows: filter materials account for 70% (of which mask filter materials account for 50%, air filtration and water filtration account for 20%), automobile sound insulation cotton accounts for 20%, wiping cloth accounts for 5%, oil absorbent felt accounts for 3%, and clothing insulation accounts for 2%. Our service FAQ: Q1:What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation? -The order quantity. -Melt flow rate request will recommend relevant products with details for your reference. Q2: How can we guarantee quantity? -Always final inspection with COA before shipment Q3:How to contact with you? — You can leave contact information and request message in our website.Our sales team will contact with you within 24hours -You can send me email or whatsapp to me directly.Call us freely Whatsapp&Mobile:+86 15288764821 Wechat:cherrywang50Melt-Blown PP suppliers website:

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