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Roughing End Mill manufacturers Spotlight Exhibits Factory Product Description 60HRC 3 Flutes New Type Solid Carbide Rough Milling Cutter for Wood Processing SPECIFICATION d1 L1 L2 D L D16*55L1*110L2*D16*165L16mm55mm110mm16mm165mm D18*55L1*110L2*D18*165L18mm55mm110mm18mm165mm D16*55L1*110L2*D18*165L16mm55mm110mm18mm165mm D16*55L1*110L2*D20*165L16mm55mm110mm20mm165mm D20*55L1*110L2*D20*165L20mm55mm110mm20mm165mm Tolerances Flute DiameterFlute Diameter ToleranceShank Diameter Tolerance 桅1.0-桅2.90锝?0.02H6 桅3-桅6-0.01锝?0.03 桅6-桅10-0.01锝?0.035 桅10.0-桅18.0-0.01锝?0.04 桅18.0-桅20.0-0.015锝?0.045 Application Multilayer BoardMDFHard WoodEVE SpongeParticle boardAluminum Alloy /50HRC55HRC60HRC65HRC 鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈭?/p>鈭?/p>鈭?/p> 鈼?/p> Raw Material List GradeISO CodeChemical Compositions锛?锛?/p>Grain Size(um)Physial Mechanical Properites(鈮?Coating WcCoDensity(g/cm3)Hardness (HRA)T.R.S(N/mm2) YG10X(50HRC)K30-K4089100.814.4391.52500TISIN UF12U(55HRC)K4087120.614.1592.33900TISIN AF501(60HRC)K05-K1089100.414.192.83600NANO BLACK AF308(65HRC)K05-K109180.31493.83800NANO (BLUE) Detailed Photos 3 Flutes Roughing milling cutter3 Flutes Roughing Carbide cutter3 Flutes Roughing Carbide milling cutter Our Advantages 1. We use high-quality and reliable tungsten carbide materials from Germany and Taiwan. The material is ultra-fine grained cemented carbide with high toughness, wear resistance and good cutting performance. 2. The milling cutter production and sales experts who have worked in this industry for more than ten years can solve or discuss the production plan for you (for domestic customers (China), we will go to the factory to check production problems on site and improve the milling cutter production process for customers and product production plan. Of course, you are welcome to discuss with us at any time, we are happy to serve you.) 3. While ensuring the quality of the tool, the price is low 4. Using the five-axis production machine imported from Australia and the Walther five-axis production machine imported from Germany to make tools, advanced production technology and professional engineers can make the tools you need. Packaging FAQ 1 Q: Why is your milling cutter not easy to break? A: First of all, we use imported ultra-fine partical for this cutter (the grain size0.4um ,the smaller of grain size, the closer the matrix organization) Secondly, the material is native powder compacting, and optimization in the carbide, carbide saw, Especially with the increase of cobalt content, the toughness increases significantly. And we adopt imported equipment of grinding to make sure the the accuracy of precision of sharp edge, cut smooth, not easy accumulation iron pin. 2 Q: Why your cutter is more wear-resistant? A: The coating of this cutter is aluminum titanium hydride (TIALN) nano coating with good thermal conductivity, and the heat energy is not easy to conduct on the cutter body during processing, which makes the tool wear resistance significantly enhanced.Roughing End Mill manufacturers website:

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