Ultra Thin Angle Grinder Disc factory

Ultra Thin Angle Grinder Disc factory Our History Zpower Abrasives factory has more than 20 years experience in developing and producing resin bond cutting and grinding wheels. Our Factory As a professional manufacturer of resin-bonded tools, Yongkang Zhengbo Abrasives Co.,Ltd. has the leading production capacity in Zhejiang, China, whose professionalized provide the customers with multi-purpose tools and articles for cutting, grinding and polishing. Our company has passed the certification of ISO9001 (2000) Quality Assurance System. Integrated technologies and design into people-centric solutions, the company has constantly been able to upgrade the products鈥?safety and performance and provide good quality products to the customers in return to their consistent support to us. Our Product 1. Cutting disc 2. Grinding disc 3. Flap disc Product Application 1. For all metal. 2. For all types of materials. 3. Specially developed for stainless. 4. Easy and cool cut. 5. Develoed for cast iron. 6. Developed for natural and artificial stone. 7. For stone grinding.Ultra Thin Angle Grinder Disc factory website:http://www.zpowerabrasives.com/

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